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Did Hazardous Conditions in a Public Area, a Personal Property, HOA Managed Neighborhood, or in a Condo/Condominium Cause You To Slip, Trip, Or Fall? Our Florida Personal Injury Law Firm Will Aggressively Represent You To Help You Obtain Compensation for What Happened, Such As Your Medical Bills, Lost Wages, Pain And Suffering, And Other Issues That You May Face Because Of Your Injury.

Look, We Know We’re Not The Only Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers In Florida And We Know That You May Be Searching For The Right Attorney To Help You. We’re Different. For Decades We Have Successfully Resolved A LOT Of Personal Injury Situations, Probably Just Like Yours. Many Have Heard Of Us Due To The Results We Get For The Injured. Regardless Of Whether You’ve Heard Of Us Or Not, Tell Us What Happened. See How We Can Get Your Life Back To As Normal As Possible.

Why Choose Britto & Herman Injury Lawyers For Your Premises Liability Injury Case?

  • Highly Reviewed & Rated – Highly Rated on Google and 5-star Rating on respected legal site AVVO. See some of our client reviews below.
  • We Work on a Contingency Basis – Your initial consultation is FREE. You don’t pay until we win.
  • Our First Step is to Listen – We realize that calling us means there has been a significant change in your life. We respect that. Our first step is to listen to YOUR story and figure out how we can best help you.
  • We Guide You Through The Process – We craft your legal game plan, and give you the details. No final decision is made without consulting you.
  • Highly Responsive – We pride ourselves on fast response times when communicating with our clients. We will never let your questions or concerns go unaddressed.
  • Empathy, Detail & Urgency – Your case is the center of your world. We work with empathy to ensure you feel heard, meticulous detail to ensure no aspect of your case is missed, and urgency to get you your money faster.
  • Caring & Compassionate (truly) – We’re sorry for what happened to you or your loved one. Unlike large firms, you’re not part of an assembly line. We really get to know you and your situation.
  • Personalized Attention – We understand and respect that everyone’s needs are unique. You are NOT just a file number. We make sure to give you and your case the attention you deserve.

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Should I Get A Lawyer for My Personal Injury?

Maybe you are the type of person who is hesitant to sue anyone. Still, you could be experiencing pain, suffering, and discomfort, dealing with piles of unexpected medical bills, time off work, and being confused about how to move forward. It’s essential for homeowners’ associations to prioritize safety and regularly inspect and maintain common areas and amenities. Residents should also be aware of their responsibilities regarding safety and adhere to community guidelines. In the event of a personal injury, legal liability may vary depending on the circumstances, so it’s advisable to consult with legal professionals to determine the appropriate course of action.

Shouldn’t someone pay for what happened? Having a Personal Injury attorney is, unfortunately, a reality for ensuring you get what you deserve and what is right.

Call Britto & Herman Injury Lawyers for the Legal Representation You Deserve

When you’ve suffered an injury, selecting the right personal injury attorney in Palm Beach County can make all the difference. Being involved in an accident can leave you reeling and vulnerable, and even your own insurance provider can seem more like an adversary than an ally. Our Attorneys recognize the gravity of your situation and work tirelessly to secure the compensation you deserve. We’re dedicated to getting maximum results for our clients. Our rigorous preparation ensures that every case is treated like it’s headed to trial, delivering the most favorable outcomes possible. Let us take care of your insurance claim so you can focus on healing and moving forward.

What to do if you’ve been injured in an accident:

  1. Report your accident to the appropriate authorities ASAP. Whether this is the police, a store employee, or the property manager. Get medical treatment for any injuries you have sustained, don’t “shake it off.” Some injuries, like traumatic brain injuries or internal injuries, can have delayed symptoms. The sooner you can receive medical attention, the better for your health and your case.

  2. Collect as much information as possible. You or someone you trust should attempt to get information from any involved parties. Important information can be the names of all parties involved and any eyewitnesses. If you were in a car crash, get the other driver’s insurance information too.

  3. Take photographs. Photograph the scene, your injuries, the causing factors of the accident, and anything you think may be relevant. If you were injured on someone’s property due to a dangerous condition, take photos of the dangerous condition.

  4. Get copies of all relevant documents. This can include police reports, incident reports, medical documents, and communications with insurance companies.

The more information you have about your case, the stronger your claim will be. If you were injured due to another’s carelessness, contact our experienced Florida Personal Injury Lawyers to learn more about filing a claim.

Statute of Limitations for Premises Liability Claims in Florida

Most Premises Liability Claims are Subject to a 2-Year Statute of Limitations: You must file a claim before a two-year statutory deadline ticks away. Our Florida personal injury attorneys will help you secure the evidence, build a case, and take the right steps to maximize your recovery.

Personal injuries caused by someone else’s failure to maintain safe premises can be life-altering. You were healthy and vibrant one minute, and you were dealing with painful injuries, doctors’ appointments, and lost wages the next. Then, there is the emotional toll caused by your personal injury. You might feel angry at the person that caused the injury and depressed and anxious about your physical and financial issues.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Proving Fault in Premises Liability Cases

To prove fault or negligence in a slip and fall case, the victim must prove that the person in charge of the property failed to act in a way that any reasonable person would in addressing the dangerous condition that led to the accident. In doing so, the victim and their legal team must find the answers to some relevant questions that include the following:

Was the hazardous condition present for a long enough time that a reasonably attentive person would have noticed and done something about it?

Did the person in charge of the property create the dangerous condition?

Did the property owner or manager know about the dangerous condition?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the property owner or manager can be held liable because it can be determined that their negligence caused the dangerous condition to occur or persist. You should note that while you are intent on proving that the property owner or someone who works for them was responsible for the condition that led to the accident, they will be trying to prove that you were at fault instead.

Actual Words Clients Have Used to Describe Their Experience

“Michael and his whole team were very helpful, professional and experienced. I recommend them to anyone who has any inquiries due to a injury claim,” “Dan did a great job with my case. Would highly recommend,” “Mr. Herman always puts his clients first! Top notch law firm,” “Extremely knowledgeable and honest attorneys,” “When it comes to the best in the business, its easily Dan Britto,” “experience and expertise was invaluable in dealing with the insurance company attorneys,” “He made sure I understood everything before we moved forward with anything,” “I plan on going back if I were to ever get into any accidents,” “I can’t say enough positive things about this law firm,” “I am so confident in their ability I would send my family to them without question,” “They are the GOLD standard!!!!,” “He will always find his clients coverage and work day and night to get the best resolution for his clients,” “Intelligent, tenacious and highly skilled litigators that will fight for the best results every step of the way,” “I have been in practice for 15 plus years in a different area of law and I confidently and proudly refer all of my personal injury work to Mike and Dan.”

If these things are what you are looking for in a law firm, then contact us to see how we can help you and your family.

Common Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents in HOA Neighborhoods

  • Poor Maintenance: Neglecting maintenance of common walkways, sidewalks, parking lots, and stairs can result in cracked or uneven surfaces, making it easy for residents to trip and fall.

  • Inadequate Lighting: Insufficient lighting in common areas, especially during the night, can create visibility issues and contribute to slips and falls.

  • Wet or Slippery Surfaces: Failure to address wet or slippery surfaces caused by rain, snow, or ice promptly can lead to accidents.

  • Uneven Pavement or Flooring: Uneven pavement, flooring, or loose tiles can create tripping hazards.

  • Insufficient Handrails: Missing or damaged handrails on stairs or ramps can make it challenging for residents, especially those with mobility issues, to maintain balance and prevent falls.

  • Poorly Designed or Maintained Landscaping: Overgrown bushes, tree roots disrupting walkways, and other landscaping issues can obstruct paths and increase the risk of tripping.

  • Lack of Warning Signs: Failure to place warning signs near hazards, such as wet floors or construction zones, can lead to accidents.

  • Inadequate Snow and Ice Removal: In colder climates, failing to promptly remove snow and ice from common walkways can create hazardous conditions.

  • Spills and Debris: Neglecting to clean up spills, litter, or debris in common areas can increase the risk of slips and falls.

  • Negligent Pool Deck Maintenance: Slippery or poorly maintained pool decks can be dangerous when wet, leading to falls.

  • Playground Safety: Inadequate maintenance of playground equipment or lack of proper surfacing can result in injuries to children.

  • Pets and Pet Waste: Dog-related incidents, such as residents not cleaning up after their pets or dogs being off-leash in common areas, can lead to falls or other injuries.

Property owners hold a responsibility of care for those that are invited onto their property. In cases of Public Areas, fault can be harder to prove, however, to prevent slips and falls in HOA managed neighborhoods, it’s essential for homeowners’ associations to prioritize regular maintenance, proper lighting, clear signage, and safety inspections of common areas. Residents should also be proactive in reporting hazards and adhering to safety guidelines to minimize the risk of accidents. When an HOA or a Condominium manager has neglected these duties, you should not be left to pay the price.

Florida Modified Comparative Negligence

Under the new modified comparative negligence system in Florida, individuals will be barred from compensation recovery if they are more than 50% responsible for causing their own injuries.

We can help you recover the maximum compensation that you deserve. This can be used to help pay for lost wages, your medical bills and any pain and suffering you may have experienced as a result of the accident.

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We welcome your questions and want to understand your situation to help you move forward and get the compensation you or your loved one deserves. Call our office at (561) 835-5555(561) 835-5555 with questions and a description of your situation to see if we can assist or to schedule a consultation. Or you may simply fill out the form above on this page. Your form will be directly emailed to our office, and you can expect a reply within one business day and often within hours of the same day. All information you share is confidential.

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